Putnam County
Greencastle, IN

This patcher is so much more durable and has been built so much stronger than patchers from the past.

Perry County
Leopold, IN

The Total Patcher is a fast, strong, clean and easy machine to work with and the crew really likes it.

City of Winchester
Winchester, IN

I highly recommend the Total Patcher as a cost saving alternative to any city's street maintainance program.

Quality Road Repair

In only three simple steps, the Total Patcher T-7500 allows the repair crew to quickly and efficiently create a permanent patch over potholes without having to roll over the pavement. Traffic gets moving again, road repair costs are minimalized, and everyone is happy!

Clean area with on-board airstream
Apply tack coat to area to be repaired
Apply aggregate/emulsion mixture


Watch the TOTAL PATCHER in action!