• What types of repairs can the TOTAL PATCHER perform?  -  The TOTAL PATCHER can repair potholes, alligator cracks, single line cracks, shoulder failures, radius failures, manhole repairs, spot re-surfacing, water problem areas, utility cuts, low water crossings, culvert seating, and many other types of repairs. Your imagination is the only limitation!
  • What surfaces can the TOTAL PATCHER repair?  -  The TOTAL PATCHER can repair asphalt, concrete, bricks, gravel, and even unimproved surfaces.
  • How long will the repairs last?  -  The TOTAL PATCHER makes repairs that last for years, in many cases outlasting the adjacent surface. These are NOT temporary patches, but long lasting smooth repairs.
  • How can the TOTAL PATCHER pay for itself?  -  First, the repairs made by the TOTAL PATCHER are usually ½ or less the cost of similar cold mix patches. Next, the TOTAL PATCHER wastes no material. When you are through all of the materials are stored for the next use. Finally, since you do not have to repair the same areas more than once you save on material, labor, fuel, and time, AND your roads and streets are protected.
  • Can the TOTAL PATCHER be used year round?  -  Yes, the TOTAL PATCHER is capable of performing in hot or cold weather. The TOTAL PATCHER is ready when you are!
  • Why do the repairs last so long?  -  The TOTAL PATCHER makes and dispenses a fluid asphalt mixture of emulsion and aggregate. The material penetrates into and becomes part of the adjoining surface. The TOTAL PATCHER completely SEALS the area to prevent further water damage from occurring. Stop the water and you stop the problem!
  • This all sounds too good to be true. Can I get some customer references?  -  Yes, please see the customer testimonial section to read a number of our customer’s success stories. Please call us at (765) 795-2277 for more customer references. The more you know, the better we like it.
  • Can I get a DVD showing the TOTAL PATCHER in action?  -  Yes, please call us at (765) 795-2277 and we will be happy to send you an informative DVD showing the TOTAL PATCHER repairing a variety of problem areas.
  • Can I get a demonstation of the TOTAL PATCHER on my roads?  -  Yes, call us and we will arrange a demonstration of the TOTAL PATCHER for your City, Town, or State DOT. We will even encourage you and your crew to run the TOTAL PATCHER.