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Automated Emulsion Storage System
The Key to an Efficient Road Repair System

Save Labor & Material Costs — Emulsion Mixture is Always Ready for your Road Repair Crew

Finally, there is an Automated Emulsion Storage System that is specially designed for proper storage and handling of asphalt emulsions. The Total Tank Emulsion Storage System gently heats and agitates emulsions to preserve their performance and ease of application.


Features IncludE

  • Agitator supported by 2" tapered roller
  • Tank roof coated with rubberized sealant
  • Single weatherproof NEMA 3R enclosure protects electrical system
  • Entire tank insulated with 3-inch foil-backed high-density insulation with heat shield

Standard System Features

  • Timed Agitator - supported by 2" tapered roller bearings
  • Emulsion Temperature Gauge
  • Emulsion Quantity Measuring System
  • Blanket Heaters - six 1000w blanket heaters (220v) with thermostatic control
  • Enclosed Electrical Components - protected within a single weatherproof NEMA 3R enclosure
  • Two Ball Valves - two 3-inch ball valves for easier loading and unloading
  • Insulated Valves - wrapped with 220v heat tape and protected by insulated aluminum cover
  • Carbon Steel Tank - 1/4" carbon steel tank construction
  • Insulating Blanket - three-inch high-density foil-backed insulation with heat shield around entire tank keeps emulsion temperature even
  • Large Loader Hose - fast loading with 10-foot long 3-inch diameter loader hose
  • Inspection Hatch - interior inspection hatch on top side of system
  • Safety Cage - safety cage on top of system*
  • Ladder - complete with safety cage on top of system*
  • Access Port - 24-inch round access port at base of system
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Stand - provides sturdy tank support system
  • Optimum Gravity Flow Loading - valves are 5' 6" above ground surface for optimum gravity flow loading
  • Removal Access - easy access for servicing heating blankets


Optional System Features

  • Stand Heights - various stand heights available for special applications
  • Heaters - heaters available in variety of wattages
  • Extra Ball Valve - extra 3-inch ball valve located at bottom of system


System Sizes

  • 3000 Gallon - Insulated tank size 8' 6" x 8' 6"
  • 4000 Gallon - Insulated tank size 8' 6" x 11' 3"
  • 5000 Gallon - Insulated tank size 8' 6" x 13' 10"
  • 6000 Gallon - Insulated tank size 8' 6" x 16' 4"
  • Larger Tanks - available upon request


Suggested System Foundation

  • Foundation Construction - completely flat concrete pad
  • Lag Plates - flush with concrete; 1/2-inch thick steel; 14-inches square
  • Concrete Area - 12 feet square outside diameter; 12-inches thick; 1/2-inch rebar on 1-foot centers
  • For more information - for more information and pad schematics, contact Total Patcher or your local distributor


Customer Responsibilities

  • Site Prep - site and pad construction and preparation
  • Electrical - final electrical hook-up of system
  • ADEM Requirements - fulfillment of ADEM requirements
  • EPA Regulations - fulfillment of EPA regulations


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