Satisfied Returning Customer

     When we last spoke you asked me to give you some feedback on the 2 Total Patchers I purchased from you last year. Since you may be able to use this as a testimonial I would like to preface that I have an older patcher that you sold the county many years ago that has served us well and helped us make the decision to purchase the new ones. 

     The purchase of these patchers for me really made perfect sense. In Carroll County we are not fortunate enough to have an asphalt plant located in our county. Depending where my crews are working the travel time can be up to 1 1/2 hours round trip to pick up material. The travel time and the cost of the patch forced me to look at other options. I didn't have the ability to manufacture my own cold mix nor did I have the extra room to store a large quantity of it even if I could. 

     The other deciding factor for me was that the Total Patcher produces a permanent repair with less effort on the part of the workers. My employees are more productive and they enjoy using the equipment. With a little training and skill the crews make a seamless repair that will last as long if not longer than the rest of the road. I get fewer complaints from the citizens about holes coming right back.

     The design of the machine makes it so easy to use. I no longer have to be concerned about loss time injuries of my older employees due to back and muscle strain nor do I have the younger guys complaining because they have to do all the shovel work.

     All in all the purchase of the Total Patcher and the Total Tank has had a huge impact on my operation and I would suggest every county add two or three to their fleet.

Carroll County Highway Department, Flora, IN

"Superior to our previous method"

     The Henderson County Road Department purchased and has been using the Total Patcher and Total Tank system for approximately six months now. We have found that the Total Patcher is far superior to the patching method we use to use. The Total Patcher system has made it easier for us to maintain potholes on our county roadways. We also use it for cuts in the roadway for culvert installations. The process of patching with the Total Patcher is much less strenuous than the cold patch mis we use to sue and patches on the roads last much longer. The Total Patcher systems has great case of use, fill up the tank and truck with materials and the Total Patcher pretty much does the work itself, it cleans the potholes, places the rock and sprays the hot mix to make a perfect patch that will last. 

     We would like to thank you for showing us the Total Patcher, and once we purchased it for all your help in making use everything was set up the right way. Your customer service is to be commended; you have always been available when we've had questions. Thank you for a product that does what its' name suggest "Total Patch".

Henderson County Road Department, Henderson, KY

"Doing business with someone you can trust"

     I would like to commend you on the doing exactly what you said you would do. It is refreshing to do business with someone you can trust. So many times people will promise things just to get business and never deliver, but you did everything and more than was expected. You came when you said you would and walked us through every process and made sure everyone knew what they were doing before you left. 

     I was also pleasantly surprised with the Total Patcher. This has been a very valuable and cost effective machine for us. The cost of repairing roads with the Total Patcher versus using cold mix is about one-half the cost. It also does a better job than cold mix by everything being mix and applied right on the spot. It also saves in manpower. With being an efficient machine, it only takes two people to operate rather than having four employees to go out to repair potholes. 

     Once again, thank you for being an honest person with a great product that does everything you say it will. I would recommend you and your product to anyone. 

Spencer County, Taylorsville, KY

"our fight with potholes is over"

     I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Cliff, Donna, and Brad Dickehut for the introduction to the Total Patcher System. We have fought winter repairs for years. Pot holes, broken shoulders, and alligator repairs that take us far into the spring season. We still have these repairs to tend, but the fight is over. If you are tired at the end of the day using the Total Patcher, then the machine isn't being properly used. Out labor costs have drastically dropped, and our production plus scheduling have escalated. This is a totally user friendly and safe machine. The engineering, technology, and quality components of the Total Patcher are state of the art. 

     The Total Patcher does a wonderful job on concrete, especially bridge decks. Asphalt pot holes and alligators, crowns on chip and seals are no problem. Uneven approaches on bridges, and even large ruts are no problem for the Total Patcher. What more can I say, but two things? We don't really buy equipment, but we do buy service. Cliff, Donna, and Brad are a true team. The only mistake we made was purchasing only one machine. We are making plans for number two as soon as budget allows. The Total Patcher will pay for itself. Hey!!!!!!! It's made in Indiana too. The old cliche 'you get what you pay for' is relevant in this case. Take a chance with a free demo. You will be amazed. 

Tippecanoe County Highway Department, Lafayette, IN