Carroll County Highway Department

When we last spoke you asked me to give you some feedback on the 2 Total Patchers I purchased from you last year. Since you may be able to use this as a testimonial I would like to preface that I have an older patcher that you sold the county many years ago that has served us well and helped us make the decision to purchase the new ones. 

     The purchase of these patchers for me really made perfect sense. In Carroll County we are not fortunate enough to have an asphalt plant located in our county. Depending where my crews are working the travel time can be up to 1 1/2 hours round trip to pick up material. The travel time and the cost of the patch forced me to look at other options. I didn't have the ability to manufacture my own cold mix nor did I have the extra room to store a large quantity of it even if I could. 

     The other deciding factor for me was that the Total Patcher produces a permanent repair with less effort on the part of the workers. My employees are more productive and they enjoy using the equipment. With a little training and skill the crews make a seamless repair that will last as long if not longer than the rest of the road. I get fewer complaints from the citizens about holes coming right back.

     The design of the machine makes it so easy to use. I no longer have to be concerned about loss time injuries of my older employees due to back and muscle strain nor do I have the younger guys complaining because they have to do all the shovel work.

     All in all the purchase of the Total Patcher and the Total Tank has had a huge impact on my operation and I would suggest every county add two or three to their fleet.

Ronald Francis