Henderson County, KY. Judge/Executive

November 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

Henderson County has done business with Equipment Marketing Company since 2006. The Henderson County Road Department purchased a TOTAL PATCHER and TOTAL TANK from Equipment Marketing Company and has been extremely pleased with both pieces of equipment. The Total Patcher has saved the County a great deal of money because it allows us to repair the bad sections of road instead of totally repaving the entire surface. The TOTAL TANK saves a lot of time and gives us a ready source for the emulsion used in the TOTAL PATCHER. Both pieces of equipment are well-designed and parts are readily available when needed.

Equipment Marketing Company provides excellent training, service, and support for their equipment. I highly recommend anyone who wants a free demonstration to do so. I believe they will agree these machines are easy to operate and will provide a cost savings to them.


Donald Hugh McCormick

County Judge/Executive

NOTE: Henderson County purchased their 2nd TOTAL PATCHER in 2014.