Spencer County

     I would like to commend you on the doing exactly what you said you would do. It is refreshing to do business with someone you can trust. So many times people will promise things just to get business and never deliver, but you did everything and more than was expected. You came when you said you would and walked us through every process and made sure everyone knew what they were doing before you left. 

     I was also pleasantly surprised with the Total Patcher. This has been a very valuable and cost effective machine for us. The cost of repairing roads with the Total Patcher versus using cold mix is about one-half the cost. It also does a better job than cold mix by everything being mix and applied right on the spot. It also saves in manpower. With being an efficient machine, it only takes two people to operate rather than having four employees to go out to repair potholes. 

     Once again, thank you for being an honest person with a great product that does everything you say it will. I would recommend you and your product to anyone. 

David Jenkins

Spencer County Judge Executive