Tippecanoe County Highway Department

     I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Cliff, Donna, and Brad Dickehut for the introduction to the Total Patcher System. We have fought winter repairs for years. Pot holes, broken shoulders, and alligator repairs that take us far into the spring season. We still have these repairs to tend, but the fight is over. If you are tired at the end of the day using the Total Patcher, then the machine isn't being properly used. Out labor costs have drastically dropped, and our production plus scheduling have escalated. This is a totally user friendly and safe machine. The engineering, technology, and quality components of the Total Patcher are state of the art. 

     The Total Patcher does a wonderful job on concrete, especially bridge decks. Asphalt pot holes and alligators, crowns on chip and seals are no problem. Uneven approaches on bridges, and even large ruts are no problem for the Total Patcher. What more can I say, but two things? We don't really buy equipment, but we do buy service. Cliff, Donna, and Brad are a true team. The only mistake we made was purchasing only one machine. We are making plans for number two as soon as budget allows. The Total Patcher will pay for itself. Hey!!!!!!! It's made in Indiana too. The old cliche 'you get what you pay for' is relevant in this case. Take a chance with a free demo. You will be amazed.