Perry County Highway Department

I purchased a Total Patcher in 2005 from Equipment Marketing and Cliff Dickehut came down and spent two days training our employees on patching procedures. He was also kind enough to give us information on the operational and functional part of the machine. 

It was a pleasure to deal with someone who actually knew the workings of the machine inside and out, rather than a salesman reading out of a brochure. 

What started out for us as a pothole patcher, has now become a do it all patcher. We use it to fix cracks, shoulder work, road cuts, made pads for our salt brine system, and also for handicap parking at our rural voting facilities. 

The Total Patcher is a fast, strong, clean and easy machine to work with and the crew really likes it. 

I have had absolutely no trouble with this machine, but if I needed service, I do know Cliff is only a phone call away. 

I would recommend the Total Patcher to anyone. Dealing with Cliff and Donna Dickehut has been a pleasure. 

Cyril E. Feix