City of Mount Vernon, Indiana

July 24, 2014

Dear Cliff,

We purchased our TOTAL PATCHER from you in 2013 and we couldn't be happier with our choice!

After having such a rough winter the TOTAL PATCHER has turned out to be one of our greatest assets! The TOTAL PATCHER doesn't disappoint. Our office gets multiple calls each day regarding potholes, and despite what the weather conditions may be that day, we are able to quickly dispatch our road crew and perform road maintenance as needed.

The TOTAL PATCHER has been a substantial cost savings not only to our department, but also the Water Department, and the Wastewater Treatment Plant. As utility cuts are made we are able to quickly fill in these areas therefore reducing the road repair costs to each department and the amount of time a street needs to be closed to the public.

Cliff has been Excellent to work with! The Customer Service and Training provided was Top Notch! Cliff has been there every step of the way! We couldn't be happier with our choice in purchasing the TOTAL PATCHER or the Customer Service we have received from your company!

Max Dieterle

Street Commissioner

Mount Vernon, Indiana