St. Joseph County Road Commission, Michigan

January 8, 2015


I first met Cliff and Donna Dickehut during the equipment show at the annual SAM conference in the fall of 2011. Though the St. Joseph County Road Commission had not yet ventured into the world of spray injection patching we did have a demonstration from a different vendor ealier that summer. When I spoke with Cliff about that demonstration he confidently said that the TOTAL PATCHER was a better machine as they had taken all of the problem areas that the competition's machine had and fixed them. I admit that my first thoughts were that Cliff was overconfident and Equipment Marketing was building a "knock off" to the name brand unit.

The next summer we decided to put Cliff and his claims to the test. He brought up a TOTAL PATCHER T-7500 unit and spent the day with several from our crew as we toured the county putting spray injection patches on our worst high volume turning and truck/farm traffic problem areas. Not only were we impressed with the way those patches held up but also with how user friendly the TOTAL PATCHER unit was over the competition's brand. We continued to watch those problem areas for the rest of the year and knew that this tool was our best option to lowering our cold patch cost while providing a more permanent repair.

Two years have passed since we purchased our first TOTAL PATCHER and our relationship with Equipment Marketing has grown. Any questions that we've had were quickly answered by Cliff and his team. One phone call on any of the wear items and the replacement part shows up the next day UPS. We lowered our cold patch bill by $80,000. We have since purchased a second TOTAL PATCHER T-7500 and a 6,000 gallon emulsion storage tank and expect that savings to double next year. I must say this is one of the best tools we have purchased to put in our road maintenance program.

John Lindsey

Director of Fleet and Facilities

St. Joseph County Road Commission